The benefits that CBD has on us humans are not unknown. In fact, this cannabinoid has huge benefits for our pets as well. This means that  Organic CBD oil can be effectively used to treat various health issues of our pets and other farm animals.

Animals also have an Endocannabinoid System. It is a biological system found in all mammals and helps in managing a variety of body functions such as sleep, memory, pain, and immune response.
When consumed, CBD interacts with the receptors found in the ECS and provides relief in many health issues. In this article, we will let you know some amazing CBD benefits for farm animals and other pets.

Take a look:

1. CBD Is a Powerful Painkiller

CBD has become a potent cannabinoid for its painkilling properties. This cannabinoid has been researched to treat chronic pain in animal models. Our pets also suffer from joint pain issues such as Arthritis. Giving CBD oil to them can help in reducing their pain.
Being a pain-reliever, CBD targets the painful joints and provides relief to our pets.

In a 2000 study, done on rodents suffering from Arthritis, CBD helped in blocking the progression of arthritis and protected the joints from damage occurring from chronic inflammation. Furthermore, It also reduces chronic inflammation in our pets.

2. CBD Is Anti-Inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory property of CBD makes it a very useful remedy in helping our pets. Inflammation is the major reason behind the cause of Arthritis in pets and other farm animals such as horses. CBD by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors in our pet’s body triggers the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses.
Studies also show that CBD can be helpful in reducing the inflammation in different parts of the body.

3. CBD Has Anti-Cancer Effects

Research done on animal models state that CBD can help fight colon cancer in rats. It showed to stop the development, growth, and spread of malignant tumors in rats.

Thus, CBD can have anticancer effects on farm animals. Moreover, the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute consider CBD oil as a potential remedy in slowing the spread of cancer cells.
CBD is also very powerful when it comes to lowering the pain related to cancer as well as nausea and vomiting.

4. CBD Treats Gastric Ulcers in Horses

CBD For Farm Animals

At some of the time in their life, many horses are diagnosed with Gastric Ulcers. Up to 90% of adult horses suffer from this health issue at some point in their life.
These ulcers affect the appetite of horses and are very much painful. This, in turn, affects their overall nature.
CBD oil can help horses in reducing such ulcers especially the equine gastric ulcer syndrome. CBD oil can help in relieving the discomfort that horses face and also support their body’s natural healing process.

5. CBD Treats Allergies And Other Skin Conditions

CBD For Farm Animals

CBD can also be used effectively to reduce and control allergies in farm animals. This is mainly due to the fact that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Skin issues such as pruritus, hives, intense itching can be reduced by adding CBD oil to your horse’s diet.

Will CBD Make Your Farm Friends High?

You must be worried whether CBD will make your farm friends high. But this is not the case with it. This helpful remedy is non-psychoactive and will not induce any high in you. This cannabinoid is extracted from industrial hemp and does not contain THC (the high-inducing cannabinoid). Hemp Plant contains less than 0.3% of THC and this percent is not enough to make one high.
Thus, you should not worry about the high induced as it will be equal to none.

Using CBD For Farm Animals

Other than the above-mentioned health issues, CBD can also be used to treat:

  • Colic
  • Laminitis
  • Desmitis
  • Cardiovascular Health Issues of Animals
  • Supporting the Immune System
  • Improving Digestive Health and much more.

CBD, as studied above is a very potent remedy to treat various health issues of farm animals. From managing anxiety to treating pain and other health issues, CBD is a very effective cannabinoid.

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