Paget’s disease is a chronic disorder that can cause enlarged and misshapen bones. The extreme breakdown and formation of bone tissue leads to weakening of affected bone – leading to bone pain, fractures, misshapen bones, and arthritis in the joints near the affected bones. Paget’s disease usually is localized, impacting simply one or some bones, as against osteoporosis, for instance, which affects the entire bones of the body. CBD has been known to relieve the symptoms of Paget’s disease due to its bone development properties.

What Is Paget’s Disease?

Paget’s disease of bone disrupts your body’s normal recycling process, whereby new bone slowly replaces old bone tissue. With time, the disease can make affected bones to become fragile and misshapen. Paget’s disease of bone normally happens in the pelvis, spine, skull and legs.

The risk of Paget’s disease of bone rises with age. Your risk also increases if any family members carry the disorder. Complications of Paget’s disease of bone can include hearing loss, broken bones and pinched nerves in your spine.

Causes Of Paget’s Disease

The precise cause of Paget’s disease is unclear. Researchers assume that the cause of the disease may be multifactorial (resulting from the interaction of specific genetic and environmental factors). In majority of cases, no particular cause for Paget’s disease can be located (sporadic).

Research findings indicate that Paget’s disease may result from a slow virus infection of bone, a condition that stays for many years prior to the appearance of symptoms.

In nearly 15-30% of cases a family history of the disorder exists. Researchers have found several genes that may predispose people to acquiring Paget’s disease (genetic predisposition). Genes linked to this condition are the sequestosome 1 gene, the TNFRSFIIA gene that codes for the RANK protein, besides the VCP gene. The precise role played by these genes in the advancement of the disorder is not known. The hereditary factor may account for the family members being susceptible to the suspected virus.

Symptoms Of Paget’s Disease

Many patients are unaware about their Paget’s disease since they have no symptoms. Occasionally the symptoms may be mixed up with those of arthritis or other disorders. In other instances, the diagnosis is done only after the patient has developed complications.

Symptoms can include:

  • Headaches and loss of hearing
  • Pain
  • Pressure on nerves
  • Hip pain
  • Increased head size
  • Damage to cartilage of joints

Any bone or bones can be impacted, but Paget’s disease happens most often in the spine, legs, pelvis, or skull. Usually, symptoms advance gradually, and the disease does not extend to normal bones.

How CBD Is Effective For Paget’s Disease

CBD is useful in alleviating the symptoms of Paget’s Disease like pain, nerve damage and breakdown of bones due to its therapeutic properties.

Effect On Joint Pain

A study explored the capacities of CBD on pain and nerve damage in rats. The aim of the study was to determine whether CBD is anti-nociceptive (pain-alleviating) in osteoarthritis and whether CBD could stop the advancement of osteoarthritis pain and joint nephropathy. The study measured the pain behaviour and assessed the joint afferent mechanosensitivity. Joint inflammation, blood flow, and leukocyte trafficking were all measured. The results indicate that CBD reduced joint afferent firing rate, raised withdrawal threshold and weight bearing, lowered joint inflammation and stopped the advancement of MIA-induced joint pain. Primarily, CBD stopped osteoarthritis pain and nerve damage.

These findings also indicate that CBD may be a safer, more useful therapeutic treatment for joint pain. Unlike pain medications that are commonly advised to patients undergoing joint pain. CBD does more than simply treat the pain itself. These findings display CBD to be an improved option since it aids stop nerve damage that is linked to arthritis and joint pain.

Strengthens Bones

CBD was found to make bones stronger while healing, improving the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which offers the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue. Following treatment with CBD, the healed bone will be harder to break in the future.

The orphan receptor GPR55 is crucial for strong bones. Scientists have found that limiting activation of GPR55 forms bones which are either spongy or else trabecular (packed with holes).

Defective functioning of GPR55 is probable to cause weight gain. This includes a normal defense mechanism produced by your body to recompense for loss of bone. Applying CBD oil will assist stimulation of GPR55 cannabinoid receptor. This will result in stronger bones.

CBD Communicates With The Endocannabinoids

CBD affects the body by acting upon our internal endocannabinoid system. CBD operates on the two endocannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Research has displayed that CB2 receptors are present in bone tissue, primarily within the bone-creating cells (osteoblasts) and the cells that reabsorb bone (osteoclasts). These receptors play a part in regulation of bone metabolism, assisting to keep the harmony between osteoclasts and osteoblasts that ensure maximum bone health. Paget’s disease impairs this balance making bones fragile.

These elements also activate the development of Endocortical bones, subdue loss of bone and keep a normal bone mass. CBD operates upon the CB2 receptors, increasing the count of osteoblast and activity, apart from limiting osteoclasts. This activates the formation of bone, and prevents bone loss, aiding the body keep normal mass of bone. So, CBD proves itself to be a productive drug for Paget’s Disease.


Plant cannabinoids such as CBD have been effective in treating Paget’s Disease and conserve bone health. Furthermore, this natural plant-based therapy has a high safety profile due to its non-psychoactive nature and zero side effects as compared to conventional treatments. Thus, by reducing joint pain and inhibiting osteoclastic bone resorption, CBD has gained prominence as a viable therapy that reverses Paget’s Disease and stops further damage.



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