An organic gaseous molecule, Ozone (O3) is composed of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone surrounds the planet and safeguards the living creatures and organisms from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays and cleanses the atmosphere

In the human sphere too, for more than a century, medical class ozone has been utilized as a non-medical means of therapy as ozone treatment was used first in the 1930s to assist in wound healing and decontamination after performing dental surgeries. Its use in dentistry is based on its antimicrobial attributes. In its hospital application, the ozone treatment gas is manufactured from oxygen sources that are of medical-grade.

Ozone therapy administers ozone gas inside your body for treating a wound or ailment. An effective bio-oxidative therapy in which ozone which is, in fact, three oxygen atoms or O3 is administered through a gas or is assimilated in water or an oil to extend therapeutically various benefits. Ozone assists in treating medical ailments by activating the immune mechanism and also acts as a disinfectant while treating disease.

Manifold Ways Ozone Works As A Wound Healer

Ozone Therapy For Treating A Wound
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The wide range of action performed by ozone therapy in treating different ailments is due to its antimicrobial, pain relieving, immunostimulant, fights drowsiness and hypnosis, detoxifies, besides performing bioenergetic and also biosynthetic activities.

Ozone Produces Anti-microbial Impact

Ozone results in the bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa to be inactivated and it destroys the bacterial cells. In viruses, ozone damages the capsid which surrounds the genetic substance of these viruses and disturbs their reproductive cycle and inhibits the cell growth of fungi and all microbes that helps in curbing any spreading wound, infectious diseases, and ailments.

Augments Cell Metabolism And Production Of Energy

Oxygen is needed for intracellular tasks like movement, biosynthesis and also transport which require energy to remain effective and for the cells to survive.

Increases The Cell Proliferation Rates

Epithelial cells move in from the edges to close down the wound and create a barrier between the wound and the surroundings or the environment which is the base for creating new skin.

Amplifies Collagen Synthesis and Flexibility

Oxygen is vital to create and properly arrange collagen which is the main constituent of skin comprising 70 -80 percent and works like the structural fabric of the skin. Organized collagen gets clustered into fibers, interwoven and is flexible and stretchable in various directions without any tearing. In fact, they have a high tensile strength which brings about quick wound healing.

Augments Angiogenesis And Encourages Blood Circulation

The generation of new and fresh blood vessels or angiogenesis is vital to the growth and also the existence of repair tissue. The levels of oxygen directly influence the quality as well as the rate of new growth of the blood vessels.

Such oxygenation which Ozone administration brings can help in tissue repairs and resultant wound healing. This quality has also made Ozone being used in dentistry as it promotes tissue regeneration and also bone healing. Ozone water is also applied as a disinfectant during root canal and for treating dental cavities.

Use of Ozone In Topical Creams

Ozonated oil has been used as an alternative treatment to counter bacterial and fungal ailments. In topical gels, Ozone gas is mixed with jojoba or coconut oil for treating skin ailments ranging from Eczema (fungal), Cold sores (microbial), Psoriasis (fungal), Skin Yeast, Leg Ulcers Gingivitis, Hemorrhoids, Acne, and Pimples, Ringworm, Infections of the sweat gland to name a few.
One such powerful Skin cream which has ozone bubbled inside the medium to make an ointment blended with coconut oil and is a full spectrum CBD 300 mg formulation is The World’s Only Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Issue Resolver by the leading CBD retailing brand ThoughtCloud that effectively eradicated viruses and bacterial infection, treats acne, eczema, psoriasis and helps in resolves all types of skin issues and wounds. Ozone is a life-saver when topically used or administered intravenously and is three molecules of oxygen that is bubbled instead of two. Wiping out free radicals, Ozone hyperoxygenates the bloodstream and is easily absorbed in the skin where it acts effectively treats cuts, wounds, burns, wrinkles, skin problems besides surgical wounds.

Conclusion On Ozone Therapy For Treating A Wound

Various research has validated the role of oxygen-ozone treatment in addressing persisting, nonhealing and ischemic wounds on account of its antibacterial as well as disinfectant quality. Ozone has emerged as a wound healer due to its inherent attributes of promoting the release of oxygen inside the tissues and acts as a vasodilator and improves various properties of erythrocytes. Stacked with a host of curative properties, Ozone therapy can be successfully applied in cases of impairments in wound healing following surgical interventions or otherwise.

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