Dog’s are indeed a man’s best friends and when it comes to keeping them healthy, we should not leave even a stone unturned. Dogs make us feel happy, protected and safe and it should be our top priority to keep them away from even a minute health issue. One of the most common issues that our dogs face is Kennel Cough. Today, we will let you know about this disease in detail and how you can use CBD to treat it.

What is Kennel Cough in Dogs?

A kennel cough also known as infectious tracheobronchitis is a very extreme disease occurring among dogs. This cough appears with a dry, hacking cough followed by intense choking or gagging.
It is not a life-threatening disease but is very frustrating for our little pets. A contagious disease, Kennel Cough passes from one dog to another via airborne droplets, direct contact and also by sharing the same water and food bowls.


What Are The Symptoms of Kennel cough?

There are some common symptoms that our dog faces when they catch a kennel cough. These include:

  • Coughing
  • Irritated windpipe and Lungs
  • Eye Discharge
  • A Running nose
  • Illness
  • Sneezing
  • Some dogs also start losing their appetite or generally feel under the weather throughout the day. Mostly these symptoms vary from dog to dog.

Is kennel cough in dogs fatal?

The best thing about this condition is it is not a life- threatening or a serious one. All healthy dogs recover mostly by following certain home remedies.

Dogs catch a kennel cough when they are exposed to crowded or poorly ventilated conditions, cold temperatures, exposure to cigarette smoke or dust. They can also catch kennel cough due to travel-induced stress.
This kennel cough usually occurs for a span of 10 to 20 days. The best way to help your dog is by giving him natural treatment. But, if the symptoms start to get worse, you should consult a vet immediately.


How can I ease the symptoms of kennel cough?

Kennel Cough is highly contagious. So, if your dog starts developing it, make sure you keep it in your home. There are many home remedies such as honey, using a humidifier, which can be used to help your dog recover naturally.

One of the most natural and effective ways to treat your dog’s kennel cough is CBD. This organic remedy is well known for its amazing health properties. Cannabidiol is an excellent alternative to reduce your dog’s inflammation and pain arising from a kennel cough.
Moreover, this remedy is non-psychoactive in nature and is being used by humans to treat a variety of health issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, cold and much more.
So, your dog will not experience any high or side effects after consuming this remedy. Furthermore, it will also heal the symptoms of Kennel cough in your dog.

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?


The answer to this question is YES, you can give human CBD oil to your dogs. This is because the working of CBD is similar in dogs and us humans.
Our pets also have an endocannabinoid system which helps in regulating various body functions. CBD binds with the receptors found in the ECS and provides relief in many health issues.
So, you can definitely give CBD to your dogs. There are many high-quality CBD products which are perfectly safe and organic options for dogs.
Adding CBD products to your dog’s diet is very beneficial for your dog’s well being. Also, this organic remedy is easy to feed and administer.

Final Thoughts on CBD For Kennel Cough

As stated above, it should always be our top priority to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Kennel Cough is a very disturbing condition and can make our dogs feel weak and sad. Cannabidiol products are effective as well as a safe option for treating your pet’s kennel cough. Moreover, its organic and will also not have any side effects on your dog.
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